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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Black Cat Episode 3: A Cat in the Dark | Delivered by A Cat's Blooming Rose- A Creed X Train Yaoi / Shonen-ai fansite

Elena and Sven, were trying to enter Torneo's house or in this case, his second house to atttempt to rescue Elena's sister. Meanwhile, Black Cat has already entered the house, pointing his gun at the bio weapon's forehead- while Saya's song played in the background.

Episode 3: Cat in the Dark

When they finally entered the grounds, past the walls, they were surprised to see unconscious guards. Fearing for the worst, they quickly entered the house and found Black Cat. They pleaded him not to kill the girl but the assassin merely replied that it is his job.

Sven retaliated that this makes him a mere pet of Chronos. Black Cat was taken aback. But before more words are spoken, Torneo and his goons appeared and after a brief amount of pleasantries, he ordered his men to shoot at the intruders. They all managed to escape unharmed and went back to their individual places.

Back in the hotel where Elena and Sven now resides, they decided to lay low for a while. However, Sven managed to disrupt Elena's plans as he quickly recognized her as the thief, Rins Walker.

After being discovered, she decided that she had no other choice but to reveal herself and her motives that revolves mainly around the acquisition of the nanotechnology and return it to the military to gain "loads of cash".

When they have finished the conversation, Sven excused himself to buy some cigarettes and left the hotel.

Meanwhile, Black Cat laid on a roof, with Sven's words echoing in his head. "So you're just Chrono's pet after all".

After that, the scene shifted back to Torneo's place with him punishing his assigned guard for allowing the intruders to enter. And of course, he ordered Eve to play tag and kill the man. After wounding him, however, Eve decided that he is not the "prey that should be hunted" and left the room.

Torneo then decided that he will have to train her more as a weapon. Unaware to Torneo, the girl had already left his area.

Back to Sven, he was just finished buying his cigarettes when he found Eve, who was examining the pigeons. After starting a conversation with her, both have taught each other a lot of things. With Sven teaching Eve many things about the world and with Eve teaching Sven that she is also human and that nanotechnology is not that bad when used properly. Thus Sven promised Eve that he will take her out to eat something good sometime.

Their peaceful "date" (well at least feeding the pigeons with just two person can be counted as date) was interrupted when Torneo's minions has found them and his men forced her to enter their vehicle. Sven gave a chase but it was useless.

Meanwhile, Black Cat is brooding on a dark corner when Creed appeared, praising him and giving him information about the nanotechnology. Once that's done, both men, Train and Sven decided to go rescue Eve...

As Train left, Creed can be seen, praising Train as "the omnipotent human" and "the greatest" as he watched the disappearing back of the skilled Assassin.

(And so, just as early as this, Creed's desire and respect is clearly expressed. In the future episodes, Creed/Train pairing is even more visible and any subtle hints will be made even clear and loud the next time. Tune in next time for my interpretations of the scenes and my exposure of subtle hints that may support the pairing.)

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