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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Cat's Blooming Rose - Black Cat Episodes | Episode 2: A Confused Cat

A scream echoed throughout the streets... Helpless, crying and scared, a woman cowered before a monster, forcing himself upon her. Fortunately, a policeman came but unfortunately, both are no match for the assailant. In irritation that he is interrupted, the said monster attacked, and everything went black.

Episode 2: A Confused Cat

After singing, the girl hopped off her roof and landed to where Black Cat is currently sitting. She spotted the milk and drank it, while she's at it, she saw Black Cat's gun and commented how beautiful it is. The man replied that she also has a gun. And upon mentioning this, Saya told him that she is a sweeper. After drinking another bottle, she ran off, laughing as Black Cat got pecked on his head.

Meanwhile, Sven was back on the cafe. Having no money to support himself anymore, he decided to set out and find a target.

In a small busy bar, a lot of sweeper gathered around a poster- its target being of the highest priority with a reward of 1,800,000 gold. However, due to the horror stories they have heard about the said target, most are reluctant to take it and made excuses as to why they couldn't take such target. But amidst the business of all, a girl entered and surprised everyone by grabbing the poster- a sign that she's willing to take the risk and is actually braver than any of them.

After that brief episode, Sven entered the bar, greeted the keeper -Anette- and sat on a chair, sulking at his current condition. Anette seems to notice this and told him that the major jobs were already taken and thus he was forced to take the minor jobs. While he was picking, a rather well-built sweeper stole his target poster and told him that an old man like him cannot handle such jobs.

While the others laughed, a girl entered, seeking for any help available. The man who took Sven's poster offered to help but was easily beaten by the girl's attackers allowing them to drag her outside. And of course, the gentlemen should always lend a hand to the damsel in distress so he quickly defeated them.

In gratitude, the girl treated him with a bountiful amount of food and introduced herself as Elena. While Sven introduced himself - "Sven Vollfied". In this section, she asked him to help her rescue her sister.

Meanwhile, Black Cat was walking on the street, his head still full of thoughts with Saya's voice playing over and over again "You know, we're actually the same". After "Number Thirteen" was given his mission the scene shifted to Sven and the others, with the Elena explaining that she need their help, introducing the culprit/kidnapper as Torneo Ludoman. This confused them why a weapons dealer would be interested with her sister. But of course, an acting from Elena's part got the gentleman out of Sven and got him to agree.

Glad that the man is willing to help, she jumped on him and told him that "Rins is so happy". This startled the man which of course was easily dropped with a not-so-believable excuses.

Meanwhile, Black Cat sat with his friend cat when the girl came to him, drinking the bottle of milk again, and her, the girl was official dubbed as "the weird girl" after she introduced her yukata". After showing her target- Preta Ghoul, Black Cat asked her if she could handle him. The weird girl playfully told him that he need not worry about her, she could take her target with eyes closed. Black Cat asked her is she'll get him with her gun, but she told him that it's not a sweeper's job to kill.

Black Cat told her it is stupid not to kill but the girl just told him "it depends on how you use it"

The girl went to an abandoned warehouse, intent on taking out her target. After coming across the 19th victim's body, Preta appeared and they had a battle. The sweeper was trapped but before she could be killed, a series of shots was heard and Black Cat made his entrance. However, the cat cannot deliver his bad luck since bullets have no effects on the target. But of course, the "weird" girl easily trapped him by shooting a chandelier.

Once the target was apprehended, Black Cat and the girl spent a time on the roofs and Black Cat asked her why she didn't shoot the target. She simply told him that she didn't shoot because she didn't want to. There, they parted their ways and Black Cat was met with a man he referred to as "Belze" who reprimanded him for ignoring the summons.

Meanwhile, Sven was preparing to rescue Elena's sister. The show ended showing Black Cat pointing his gun on a girl's forehead.


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