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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Cat's Blooming Rose -Black Cat Episodes | Episode 1: A Lonely Cat

First, I am rewatching Black Cat as I type the episodes. I am not sure how long I am able to complete the series. Maybe once a week or two so the summary for the episodes might take a while to finish. Anyway, here's Episode 1:

Episode 1: A Lonely Cat

The scene opened within some sort of a religious place, with nuns chanting something, while a man in white clothes watched, a figure, as swift as the wind passed, mercilessly killing anyone in the building. The nuns themselves can fight but before they are able to pull their guns, they were already dead.

After the leader is killed, the man clad in white applauded the killer, to which recognized him as the "Black Cat". Once it's over, Black Cat head back to their base and an old man, which appears to be the leader congratulated him and instructing him that his next mission will be given to him by Saphiria.

Meanwhile, in Bracchio City, there is a political campaign where the running officer is known as "Lib Tyrant" and convincing the other people, who are oblivious to his true identity as a gang lord, to vote for him as the governor. A man nearby found posters of him, immediately disgusted that a being doing drug trafficking and homicides would run himself as a politician. However, his stomach complained and he could do nothing but head to the nearest cafe, setting his plans to apprehend the man- his job as a sweeper.

The gentleman was chatting with the hostess/waitress when a scream was heard, revealing another waitress being harassed by the gangsters that hang at their shop. The man took up his duty as a gentlement and tossed what looked like candies to the mouths of the harassers, claiming it as a nanomachines that could heat their bodies to 1000 degrees.

But when he saw the worried looks of those that surround him, he quickly passed it off as a joke and calling it "gentleman's jalapen~os". After his "heroic" deed, he was given a treat but of course, his ego deflated when he realized it was placed in his tab.

Meanwhile, Black Cat is on his rooftop, contemplating on his past while being with his companion- the white cat.

As the scene shifted, we are now in the middle of Lib's speech, claiming that he will fulfill his duty provided that he will be given long term office. To prove his point, he introduced his fiance and told the audience that like their love, Bracchio City shall remain forever.

After hearing it, Sven made his way to the washroom, splashing some water on his face when the soon-to-be governor came in. He took off his eye patch so his vision eye caught a glimpse of Lib, revealing his future- being murdered. Worried that his target will be killed, he followed Lib but was sooner confronted with his guards. He easily fought his way but realized that the vision eye has taken his strength.

He was back again at the party, contemplating that there are only a few time left and there are many that are at stake in this target- his food, car installments, cigarette suppliy, etc. While he was still deep in thought, a gush of wind came in, and from a slightly open door, a figure came and Black Cat glides with the wind, easily made his way to Lib. Sven made a chase, but it was too late- Black Cat has already delivered his bad luck and Lib is killed.

Outside, Sven chased Black Cat telling him that although Lib is evil, he does not deserve death. Before Black Cat could face him, they were attacked by Lib's loyal guard, demanding revenge. But of course, Black Cat is fast, trapping the guard with his own weapon and outrunning Sven. The guard was left alive, but not soon enough, Creed, the man in white, earlier on, claimed his life telling him that he had damaged Train's pretty face.

Meanwhile, Sven was at some shop trying to sell his watch to pay for his expenses. However, when he inquired about the Roman Numeral insigna, he was met with a nervous storekeeper. And after exposing the number of the Chronos Eraser, the man sent him out of his store, telling him that everyone that has something to do with the "god of death" is not welcome in his shop.

At a rooftop, Black Cat is sitting on a rooftop. As flashbacks of his parent's death and his past flooded his mind, he heard a calming song and after that, the girl singing smiled at him.


  1. Awe man! I wish I had the time to summarize the episodes but I don't, though I could still summarize the fighting episodes between Creed and Train since I have those. Nice summary! I really like it!


  2. @Aki-chan, I'm glad you like it! I am not that good with memory so there may be inaccuracies in here. Also, since class is starting this June, my progress may be a bit slower. But if you can, you can continue the summary writing, (of course, do it once you're free).