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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Poem of Love and Destruction

A valiant prince and a beautiful rose,
Shall forever dance in the night.
The moon's eerie light shines,
Giving them absolutely exquisite brilliance.
The thunder roars,
Lightning strikes
And the rain
Adds to their passionate moment.
Ah! Such a discordant melody,
For a song of love
And a song of destruction
They will sing for you.

Amidst the battlefield
Was a prince
Who had unsurpassed beauty.
His skin was so red
From the blood of the men
He hath slain.
His golden eyes would illuminate the dark of night
Forever creating hope
For those who had lost the courage to fight.
Against the tyrants he would fight
For what was known as justice and what was right.

Blooming in the distance
Stands a rose,
Whose thorns are not to be touched,
But the valiant prince in all his glory
Holds his head up high
And grasps it by its thorns.

The rose bursts into bloom
Feeling like it truly belongs.
Ah! How beautiful it looks,
But yet, it is so fragile and easy to break.

Moments pass between them
That feel like eternity
But it is not.
Happiness and tranquility,
Will not last forever!

The witch of time
Could not resist
The temptation of a mortal's bliss.
And so she plotted
To her best
To steal the valiant prince.
'Tis her wish!

The moment when the prince had parted
She knew it was time,
And so she began her quest
To steal his Majesty's heart.
She smiles so bright
And bows her head,
She wears an unseen mask.
She is hidden by the mask of time-
The mask of despair.

Please your Highness,
Do not fall
For this witch's tricks!
She only wants to ruin us all
With her backwards laws of ethics!
She is filth and she is trash
Now turn away and leave.
Please don't make me hurt like this
You are all I will ever need.

The prince is deaf to his rose's call
And follows the ugly witch.
Nothing can stop him now
For his soul now
Belongs to that Witch!

I will kill her for what she has done!
She has taken my love away from me
And now she is now drowning him
In her insanity.
Why can't he see through her guise?
My love,
You witch,
Shall always be mine!

And so the rose sets out on its own quest
That has one main objective-
The destruction of that Horrible Witch.

Her laugh, her smile
They make me sick!
Enrapturing my beloved prince,
She is absolutely twisted.

The Witch stands alone
While singing her song,
The prince is nowhere in sight
And so the rose made its move.
Its thorns pierce her flesh
Her blood is spilling
And she can not resist
The call of death.
Alas! She has met her end
But wait...
This is not the end!

My prince why are unhappy?
Have I done something wrong?
Surely you can not be angry
At the lost of that wretched woman!
She was ruining you
And I couldn't have that,
So let us just pretend that
Nothing ever went wrong!

The prince in all his anger
Stood up and said
"I will make you pay for this!"
"But my love she is already dead!"

You can not change the past my love
I have done what was required of me.
Surely you can not still be trapped
In that Witch's insanity!

A fight ensues between them both
That can not be stopped.
This is the end of the love they shared
The petals of the flower drop.

This is the end of our bond my love
I see you are still trapped.
Maybe there's a chance that...
Maybe there is not.
You see,
You are still trapped
In that Witch's curse.
And I can not have that
Whether it be for the best or worst.

The rose slowly withers.
The love of its prince is lost.
What a horrible tragedy!
But the prince
Is still not lost!

I will watch you
From afar my love,
The choice is not up to you!
Consider me you guardian angel,
One that is always true.

And so the rose disappears
Into the dark of night,
Hoping that the prince will
Come back to his side.

1 comment:

  1. Woah!!! This is awesome! You truly are wonderful. Tutor me? Hehehe, just kidding. You described their situation the best way I have seen.

    Though I wish you can edit the color and change it to white since it really hurt my eyes to read it... (gray+black background is never a good combination)

    Anway, good poem..