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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interesting search word "reychop" brings the site in second! | Provided by A Cat's blooming rose

Hello! I was randomly searching earlier and decided to search my name. Guess what? The first result is my fanfiction.net account. And the second?

Well, it's the site? This site! A Cat's Blooming Rose. I have been filled with even more pride and happiness. Our site is becoming more and more visible.

May we continue to improve the site. Also, to those who are willing, you can also help us. Just leave your name or contact us if you want to help.

I'll be putting up a chat box/ shout box in a few days so we can all communicate better.

This also happened with "Creed's Rose" with the first as some ad for perfume and the second is where our site is listed. Sadly, Aki-chan did not returned a relevant search result... But still, it's a progress.

EDIT: Actually when typing Creed's Rose, her fanfiction.net profile comes first. The site I was referring to was actually moved to the third rank! This must have meant that google bots are starting to understanding our site better and is finding linked items to it more relevant to our keywords.

Thanks for informing me, Aki-chan... I will definitely work on this one... ^_^


  1. Actually, when you search Creed's Rose in Google, you are suppose to click the second link that they show. It's the same way yours looks. My Fanfiction profile is first and then the site is second.

  2. Wahh, this didn't looked like this when I first searched it. I was
    actually seeing some site about a cologne or something. But anyway,
    thank for informing, I'll edit it as soon as I can...