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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lion - A Black Cat Poem Depicting Creed's View on Train's Changes | Provided by a Creed/Train Fansite- ACat'sBloomingRose

The Lion

The moonlight glitters
yet a lion scowled with feelings so bitter
Beneath its fascinating light
he deluded himself that it's alright

The predator shot
and left the corpses to rot
On corruption these insects feast
they deserved to be killed by a beast

Yet amidst all his glory
The lion was gripped with worry
to him, his purpose is something
but as he seeks answers he found nothing

Thus his loneliness increased
his will to fight decreased
In desperation he is blinded
and in a maze he's unguided

But Alas! A witch enchanted him
and gave him a future so grim
Easily she changed the cat
and she got away like a bat

Oh Train, how blinded you are
That witch has you on a war
and you don't even fight
but know this, I bring a light

Yet the witch's dark
has left her mark
A territory she claimed
liberating you is my aim

Desperation hit me
And finally killed her with glee
for you I'd do anything
but it was for nothing

Truly I was a moron
for taking her on
For she already poisoned your mind
Rendering you completely blind

I accepted your punch and kicks
thinking that fate may pick
And reveal a way
to sent the darkness away

But how wrong I was
for like an escaped gas
your soul has nothing to boast
in a dark void it was lost

Now I cry
As time flies by
I settled for watching at a distance
waiting for a triggering instance

But now I must depart
and our ways will part
But know this
your presence I will miss

Know this however
You'll be in my heart forever
For you, I will become perfect
and free from defect

I shall endure the sadness
and work until nothingness
For there will be a time, too
that I will liberate you

Goodbye my cat
and may you resist the rats
Surround you they do
and change the way you grew

But fear not, I shall return
and the demons shall burn
and you I shall save and guide
then you'll be by my side

Bear the distance
for I shall soon make my entrance
But for now, the best thing you should do
and know that I love you.


  1. Oh wow! Ran-chan I love that poem. I would have never thought of anything like this but then again, I'm writing a poem/song for the website right now. Also, I didn't know you could write poetry! I thought I was just a loner on the poetry and song creation. Yay! Now I know I'm not alone when it comes to poems!

  2. I have written a lot of poems and posted them in my website. Here's the link if you're interested http://reychop-exe.blogspot.com/search/label/Poems

    It actually started just last year when we are at the final stage in publishing our school papers. We are doing some final checking on Literary section when I saw that the poems do NOT RHYME! -gasp- The horror! All poems MUST HAVE RHYMING Stanzas either alternate or consecutive. It is unacceptable.

    AS the "EDITOR-IN-CHIEF" it is my duty to correct this. So I told them but they refuse. Challenging me to "if you don't like it, then make your own. Thus my love for poems began.

    This is actually my first poem for Black Cat. So I'm a bit shy of it though I must admit the ideas do not connect because I'm more worried on the rhyme. But I think I'm getting the hang of it and in time, I will be able to write one with rhyme and complete thought.

    Anyway, you seem to be an expert in this field. Would I have some feedback? ^_^

  3. First of all, tell them that Aki-chan says poems do rhyme whether it be consecutive or alternate. That is why they have a rhyme scheme in poetry. When you write a free verse poem you are bound to rhyme somewhere in the poem though it will be alternate. Unless, you are some sick twisted person that writes a free verse and tries to make sure that none of the words in the poem rhyme, it will have a rhyme somewhere along the line. And besides, poetry has its own rhythm, so it is up to the reader on whether or not it will rhyme when they read it.

    Secondly, you shouldn't worry about if the poem doesn't rhyme, rather, you should worry about whether it makes sense or not and if you are connecting your points correctly. Every line in the poem does not need to rhyme so take your time and have fun with. So DON'T worry about whether it rhymes or not because it is bound to fall into a rhyme scheme whether you want it to or not. But if you do continue to worry about whether it rhymes or not, I suggest that you try writing free verse. It does not need to rhyme but if you want to write one with a complete thought that rhymes keep practicing.

    Also, if I'm in the mood I think I'll create blog for my poems so you can read them as well. Of all of the poems I've written, I've saved about twenty-one of them, which is a little considering how many I've originally written; however, unlike most people, my poems go through a process of elimination based on whether I like it or not. Let me know what you think of this and the feedback.