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Monday, May 18, 2009

Creed's Song Part 1

Introduction to Creed’s Song-Part 1

Beauty, grace and elegance is what creates true power. Power that can only be achieved through absolute solitude creates perfection. A kind of perfection that has no mercy is the type that accents your personality. You are ruthless, beautiful, elegant, destructive, chaotic. There are so many words that I can use to describe your beauty but for that reason I will use the four that best suit you-beautiful, graceful, elegant and perfect; however, even the word perfect is imperfect when it comes to describing your beauty.

Creed’s Song-Part 1

My glorious Cat,
So graceful yet elegant, turns the moon bloodshot red.
His arrival makes men cower,
The moon itself cries
And the peace of the night is forever shattered by screams.
Ah, look at his beauty and perfect symmetry.
He is feared by all and loved by one.
Yes, he is the true embodiment of absolute perfection.

This song is co-owned by Ran-chan and Aki-chan

BTW:There is no actual tone for this so just read it casually.

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