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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Cat Sound Track | Daia No Hana by Yoriko - Japanese Lyrics and English Translation : Opening Theme

"Searching, searching for a Diamond Flower yet, all I'm really looking for is a place to call home and someone who accepts me for who I really am." This sound track is the Opening Theme for the anime. It focuses on nobility and the will to protect those who are around you. A lost way but a brave heart- so to say.

Daia No Hana
by: Yoriko
Can be downloaded from: http://gendou.com/amusic/?filter=Black+Cat

Japanese Lyrics
Source: http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=6575&show=0
English Translation
Source: http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=6575&show=2
hajimari wa itsumo sou gunjou no sora no shita
chikai wo tatete ima boku wa arukidasu

Yah kin'iro ni hikaru sabaku (moeru kaze)
DAIA no hana wo sagashite (samayoitsudzukeru)
hajimete dareka no tame ni ima boku wa ikite iru

mamoritai mono ga aru n' da
mou nido to nido to ushinawanai you ni

Yah kono mune ni aru negai (yurameite)
kanaeru tame nara boku wa (ikura demo kizutsukou)
waratte ite hoshii kara ima boku wa yaiba wo nigiru

kirisaita kioku no nakka afuredasu
akai akai kage wo kiru
kono tsume ga hibiwaretemo tsukamitore
mamoritai taisetsu na mono nara

dareka wo omotte naita yoru ni saita DAIA no hana

mamoritai mono ga aru n' da
mou nido to nido to ushinai wa shinai
narihibike dare yori chisaku hakanai
dare yori TAFU na kono kodou

“When it begins it’s always like this,
Under the ultramarine sky,
I hold to my vow,
Now I will walk.

In a desert with a golden light,
Burning wind…
I search for the diamond flower,
Confused and continuing…
In the beginning, for somebody’s sake,
Now I keep going on!

There is something I want to protect,
Never, never again do I want to experience loss.

The wish held in my heart,
In order to fulfill it, I…
No matter how much I hurt,
Laughingly began to desire,
Now I take up the sword.

Within shredded memories,
Redness brims, slaughtering shadows,
These claws slash, and seize, and take,
Until I reach the important thing I want to protect.

Whoever thinks of it will weep,
In the night floats the scent of the diamond flower.

There is something I want to protect,
Never, never again do I want to lose,
It resounds, the dream smaller than anything,
Stronger than anything, is this pulsation.”

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