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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Truth and Love-Love's Guilty Conscience

Love's guilty conscience needs no accuser, for what I am about to do will done out of pure love. You made plans to be her companion tonight and did not consider how I would feel. I watched you from a distance yet again until I had found that opening and so I went to destroy that horrible Whore.

You Witch, you Witch, you filthy Whore! You destroyed and tainted what was mine, now it is time for you to die. I have something that I wish to tell you, so will you listen to, Saya? Well, you don't have much of a choice you Witch, I'll tell you my story.
Once upon a time, there was a gardener that loved to plant flowers, but none of them were special to him. One day as the gardener tilled his soil, he noticed that there was but a single rose bud growing in his garden in a secluded area. The gardener at once fell in love with such a special flower and so with all of his skills, he devoted his time and energy to the single red rose.

Eventually, the bud had blossomed into a gorgeous rose, but one day when the gardener went to fill his watering can, an ugly crow came along and began to peck away at his special flower. When the farmer had returned, there was nothing left of his rose. Not even a shred of its petals remained, thus the gardener's heart was broken.
Does this story sound familiar you Witch? It should!You ruined my beloved Train and you ruined our relationship. Now that you have done that, it is time for you to atone for your sins.

You look so beautiful dripping blood you Whore. I never thought that Witch's bled or felt pain, but you do bleed and you do feel pain, so it makes me so very happy to see you suffer.

Huh? Train, I didn't quite see you there. Now you can return to being your old self now that that Witch is dead. Don't be angry with me Train! I did this for you! I do everything for you! Train, please stop this. I don't wish to fight you over this Whore's death. Train, her absence from this world should be a celebration of rejoicing! You should be happy for I have freed you from that Witch's curse!

You constantly attack me out of rage Train and I do not desire to fight you, but now you are forcing me to.

There it is Train! That look-that look in your eyes has returned! My love, it has returned but...you want to avenge that Witch's death...I guess that leaves me no choice. I must fight you.

Forgive me my dearest Cat! I have never intended for any this to happen or you to react that way, but maybe when you awaken things will be different and you will realize that I did this out of love and then you will love me once again, but as I have said earlier, "Love's guilty conscience needs no accuser." and I am a man guilty of falling in love.

So what do you think about the final chapter?


  1. Wahhh! This is a perfect piece... It fits the way Creed thinks and how the anime went on. Great interpretation! ^_^

  2. Why thank you Rey! I spent two days creating this whole story. I'm working on another on entitled "Roses and Someone Special"